Sunday, June 07, 2009

last night

No, not the Don McKellar film that I love (and highly recommend). The
last night I want to talk about is mine. I hosted a dinner party for a small group of my dearest friends, and it was amazing. I regret that (A) I a drank a little to much, and (B) my loved one was not feeling well and could not attend. Otherwise, the evening was a great success. I slow-cooked ribs on the bbq with an apple wood smoke pouch, homemade bbq sauce, and a spice rub that I applied some twenty hours before grilling. Marinaded mushrooms, a salad with "Green Goddess" dressing, and sweet tasting, deep fried onion rings accompanied the meat. Oh, and I also grilled up a few chicken breasts for the sake of pleasing the anti-bone palate.

Sadly, and very possibly due to (A), we never got around to watching a movie. I didn't necessarily think we would anyway, but dinner and a movie is as classic a combination as peanut butter and chocolate, so I feel an incompleteness. I was more than happy to engage in our poignant conversations, but somewhere in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking about what I want to do with my life, and the answer fell between just
this (entertaining friends with my incredible food) and visiting the picture shows (whether they be at the cinema or "On Demand").

Yes, there are jobs that I know would satisfy me: teaching film, English, pop culture... Exploring my creative side and writing and/or making movies. But the more I think about it, the more I long to be a housewife. In an ideal world I would enjoy the cooking and suffer the cleaning in exchange for the opportunity to pop in a DVD once or twice a day, the way that some people commit to their soap operas.

My friends all asked if I would consider going back to school for culinary training. As much as I enjoy preparing meals, I'm not a big fan of high pressure kitchen situations. I do love Hell's Kitchen, but I don't want to be the "donkey". Their idea to open up a Bed and "Dinner" is slightly appealing, but not necessarily realistic. I like being the host, and good friends always make the hard work seem worthwhile. So please, send your dollars to me so that I can fulfill my dream of being a stay-at-home movie watching, meal-preparing house man.